Changing Post Formats

If you edit your post’s content, you may need to change post’s format. First, let’s learn what a post format is.

A post format is a general definition for information about post content, which is used by a theme to showcase the content in the right way. You can view the list of post formats as a block, that is located on the post editing page. To change the way a post is displayed you need to set the right format for your post content.
From this tutorial you’ll learn how to change post format.

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Post Format Types

Let’s learn more about the standard post formats, which are used by WordPress themes to display content.

  • Aside — the format, which styles the content without using a title.
  • Gallery — the format showcases an image gallery, it is used for the posts, which contain gallery shortcodes and images.
  • Link — the format represents the links leading to the other website and third-party sources. It is used when the post contains only the URL link, in this case, the post’s title will become the title for the link.
  • Image — the format is used to display single images content (which can be both uploaded or attached in the form of links).
  • Quote — the format fits for displaying a blockquote in the content.
  • Status — the format is used to display short status updates, it is very similar to tweets in Twitter profile.
  • Video — the format is used to display single videos or video playlists in the content.
  • Audio — the format fits when there are audio files of playlists attached. You can also use it to showcase podcasts.
  • Chat — the format showcases the lines of the dialogue in the form of a chat.
Changing Post Format
  1. To change post format you need to navigate to Posts page (located in Administration panel), click on All posts tab and choose the post, the format of which you want to edit. Then click on Edit link and choose another format for a post in the Formats block.
  2. If you need to change formats for several posts at one time, then, go to All posts tab and select the posts.
  3. In the bulk actions block choose Edit, and click Apply button.
  4. A global editing form will open. Now choose the format you want to set for the posts from the dropdown list, and click the Update button.
  5. That’s all!
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