Bar Counters Power Builder Module

This module helps you to show stats information on your page attractively. Add a title for every stats bar and define the percentage for it. You can also change the colors of bars to make the stats information more graphic.

From here you’ll learn how to add Power Builder Bar Counters module to your website’s page and customize it according to your needs.

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Power Builder Bar Counters Module Settings
  1. To add bar counter to your website’s page click on Add New Bar Counter button in the Bar Counter Settings window.Power Builder Bar Counters Module
  2. Input the title and the percentage to be displayed.
  3. Choose the background color to be displayed as the color of the empty space.
  4. Define bar background color to use it as the color of the bar.
  5. Turn on Use Percentages option to show the percentage in the bar counter.
  6. Click on Save and Exit button to save the changes applied to the module.
This tutorial is based on Restaurant WordPress theme.
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