Adding Categories to Rooms Using Hotel Booking Plugin

From this tutorial you’ll learn about adding categories to rooms using Hotel Booking plugin.

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Adding Categories to Rooms

In this block you can add the room categories to assign them to the rooms. To add a new category or view the list of existing ones navigate to Accommodation > Categories tab. Adding Categories to Rooms

  • Input the name of the new category in the Add New Room Category block. Adding Categories to Rooms
  • Specify the slug for the new category in order to show it in the browser address bar.
  • Select the Parent category if you want to create a minor Child category that will be assigned to a higher one. Leave None value if you need the new category to become a Parent one.
  • Add the category description in the required field.
  • When everything is ready click Add New Room Category button.
  • In order to edit one of the categories hover on one of them from the list of room categories and click Edit option. Adding Categories to Rooms
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