How to Move WordPress Website from Subfolder to Root Directory

From this tutorial you’ll learn how to move WordPress website from subfolder to root directory to make the URL links look more compact and clear.

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Moving Website to Root Directory
    1. First of all, let’s log in to Administration panel (Dashboard). Navigate to Settings tab in the left column of the Dashboard, and open General submenu.
    2. Here you need to change the URL address of your website. Technically, you need to change the path to the new one, corresponding to its new location on the domain. On the image below you can see how you can change the website address. 
    3. The new address has to reflect the path to the new domain location.
    4. You’ll see 404 Page Doesn’t Exist. It’s because you haven’t moved website’s files to the new location.
    5. Log in to your hosting server cPanel file manager. Now you need to copy all your website’s files. Use Copy button at the top.  
    6. The next step is to define the new location of the website. Specify it in the required field. Then click on Copy File(s) button. 
    7. Enter your new website’s address in the browser’s address bar. You’ll see your website. 
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