How to Manage Playlist Slider Widget

Playlist Slider is used to setup and display a playlist slider on the website.
You can add the widget to site via admin panel.

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  1. Navigate to Appearance > Widgets. Find Playlist Slider in the available widgets list.
  2. Drag & Drop the widget to one of your widget areas. 
  3. Widgets have the following settings/options:
    • title – this field specifies the widget title;
    • choose taxonomy type – here you can define if posts are selected by category or by tag;
    • category – here you can select the categories to pull slides from;
    • tag – here you can select the tags for slides that you need to display;
    • posts count – this option defines the number of posts / slides to display;
    • slider width – set slider width;
    • slider height – set slider height;
    • select thumbnail controls – hide/show thumbnail controls;
    • select slider controls – hide/show slider controls;
    • title words length – specify the title length limit;
    • display post meta data – select what post meta data you want to display.
  4. After selecting your options, click on Save and check the site.
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