How to Manage Online Store Permalinks

From this tutorial you’ll learn how to manage online store permalinks in WooCommerce template.

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Managing Online Store Permalinks
  1. First, you need to log in to WordPress Dashboard. Then, navigate to Settings > Permalinks tab on the left.
  2. You need to scroll the page down to view the current product permalinks. Here you can select the permalink structure to use for your online store products.Manage Online Store Permalinks
  3. Let’s overview the permalinks structure available for you.
    Default — select the default permalink structure if you want it to be user-friendly and keep it simple. On the right of the Default option, you can see the example of the permalink.
    Shop base — select this type of permalink structure if you want to include shop in the product slug.
    Shop base with category — use this permalink if you want to include the shop as well as the category name in the product link.
    Custom base — here you can input the custom base for the product permalink. If you select this type of permalink and leave the field empty, the default permalinks structure will be shown instead.
  4. After managing permalinks click on Save changes button to save the progress.
This tutorial is based on Bellaina Real Estate WordPress theme.
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