How to Insert YouTube Videos into Posts

From this tutorial you’ll learn how to insert YouTube videos into posts.

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Adding YouTube Video
  1. First, log in to WordPress Dashboard. Here navigate to Posts > Add New tab in the left column of the Dashboard or open one of the existing posts from the list of posts available at All Posts tab.
  2. Fill in the title of the post in the Title field.
  3. Open a new tab in your browser and navigate to YouTube. Open the video you want to add and locate Share option at the bottom of it. Click on Embed option and copy the code below to the clipboard.
  4. You need to paste the copied code into your content field on the post editor page using Text editor mode. There are also the options allowing to adjust the video height and width. Try different proportions to find the suitable video resolution in your post.insert YouTube videos into posts
  5. Publish the post and navigate to your website frontend page. As a result, you’ll see the post with the video you wanted to embed.
This tutorial is based on Fashion Blog WordPress theme.
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