How to Import Database Tables Using phpMyAdmin Tool

From this tutorial you’ll learn how to import database tables using phpMyAdmin tool.

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Importing Database Tables
  1. Open your file manager and locate the dump.sql file. Open it with any code editor convenient for you (Sublime text editor, Notepad ++, etc.).
  2. Hit Ctrl+A hotkeys to select all the content from the file. Then hit Ctrl+C keys combination to copy the files.
  3. Let’s change database prefix (if it is not wp_), and replace your_website_url_here instances with your actual website URL. Feel free to read How to Change Database Prefixes tutorial in order to learn more about it. Open your hosting server and locate Databases block. Here open phpMyAdmin tool.
  4. Open your database and click on SQL tab on the top. Here you need to paste the content you’ve copied. Hit Ctrl+V to do it.Import Database Tables Using phpMyAdmin Tool
  5. Click Go button below to run SQL queries.
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