How to Create, Manage and Display a Gallery with TM Photo Gallery Plugin

TM Photo Gallery is a great solution for any website type, whether you run a blog, personal portfolio or online store. It has multiple settings to configure galleries according to your needs.
With this WordPress plugin, you can create a gallery with a single click and add it to any post or page of your site.

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  1. When the plugin is installed and activated, you should see the TM Photo Gallery tab in your WordPress admin panel. It has 2 submenus: Media library and Galleries
  2. Navigate to TM Photo Gallery > Media library. In this area, you can add photos, create albums with photos, or create a set – mix of photos and albums.
  3. Use Add a photo/album/set buttons. You will need to provide a title for the new item. 
  4. After creating a new album click on Add photo button to add images to it.
  5. Repeat steps with sets – you need to create a set, add a set title and then add photos and albums. 
  6. Once your photos are uploaded and categorized, you can create a gallery. Open TM Photo Gallery > Galleries section.
  7. Press the Add Gallery button and enter the name for a new gallery. Open the gallery and select Sets, Albums, and Photos you want to add. 
  8. In the right sidebar, you can see the files, sets, and albums added to the gallery. You can also delete them from gallery or remove all the images. To delete a single image you need to check it and press Delete or Remove all button.
  9. To set a cover photo for a gallery you need to hover over an image you want to use as a cover and check it.
  10. You can also edit the gallery. At the top of the page you can see Several tabs :
    • Grid Settings – In this section you can change the grid type of the gallery. In the Properties sidebar, you can change the number of columns for Grid and Masonry layout. 
    • Display – Display section allows you to adjust meta settings for sets and albums. 
    • Animation effects – Choose a proper animation effect for your gallery. 
    • Navigation – Set Filter and Pagination options for the gallery.
    • Lightbox settings – In this block, you can adjust the lightbox effects for the gallery.
  11. To add a gallery you need to navigate to the post or page and press the plugin button. In a popup window, you need to choose a gallery you want to add. After that, a shortcode will be added to the editor. For example, [tm-pg-gallery id=”xxx”][/tm-pg-gallery] where xxx is the id of the displayed gallery. Display, Filters, and Pagination are taken from the settings of the selected gallery. TM Photo Gallery Plugin
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