How to Change Breadcrumb “Home” Text in WordPress

Hi! If you are interested in how to change breadcrumb “Home” text in WordPress, then you are not indifferent to the user experience of your website visitors. Be sure, that WordPress breadcrumb is an effective way to improve site navigation as well as its SEO. In a case, you are a beginner, let’s have breadcrumb navigation explained.
In web development, the term “Breadcrumb” is quite widespread. Breadcrumb is an element of site navigation or in other words a navigation chain. It shows your current location on a website and the path along which you can get to it, starting from the main page. Navigation menus that most users see on different sites are examples of breadcrumbs. The name of the term “Breadcrumb” itself was borrowed from the tale in which children used breadcrumbs not to get lost in the forest.

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Why Websites Need Breadcrumbs

WordPress breadcrumbs are useful to:

  • show a chain of links to a currently displayed page;
  • add a page serial number;
  • specify any separator character between links;
  • set breadcrumb “Home” text.

Breadcrumbs can be displayed on the next pages of a WordPress site:

  • page navigation from the main page;
  • heading archive;
  • tag archive;
  • daily archive;
  • archive for a month;
  • archive for a year;
  • archive of an author;
  • arbitrary type of record;
  • page;
  • post;
  • search results;
  • 404 error page. However, the breadcrumb functionality is effective not on every web project. If you run a simple business card site with 10-20 pages, then it makes no sense to add breadcrumbs to it. The element won’t be useful but only waste-free space on the screen. Breadcrumbs are useful for big corporate portals with multi-level categories and sections. Plus, breadcrumbs are also perfect for WooCommerce stores.
    This tutorial, it will show you how to change the breadcrumb “Home” text in WordPress. So, follow it!

Change Breadcrumb “Home” Text in WordPress Easily

  • Open wp-content/themes/your_theme/inc/template-tags.php file, where your_theme is the theme’s name.
  • Use Ctrl+F to find xxxxxx_site_breadcrumbs function.
  • Locate the following part of the code:
  • Add a line for home to it:
  • In this code, Your home label is your text.
  • Save the changes. Refresh your website’s page in the browser, and navigate to any page under the Home menu item. The home title is changed now.

How to Remove Breadcrumbs in WordPress

Basically, removing breadcrumbs in WordPress is not so difficult. The main thing is to figure out how they are added. As well, be careful while editing code.
The algorithm of breadcrumbs removal looks like this:

  • Check if there is some WordPress breadcrumb plugin installed on your site. If the answer is “Yes”, try to hide the link chain in the settings or deactivate it.
  • Look for the navigation output code in template files (WinGrep to help). It can be, for example, the functions yoast_breadcrumb (), bcn_display (), bread_crumb (), etc. Get rid of extra lines.
  • Once again, check how project pages are displayed in a browser.

Wrapping It Up

Moreover, WordPress breadcrumb is useful for both SEO and a positive user experience. They simplify site navigation and improve its structure. As for purposed plugins, Breadcrumb NavXT and Yoast SEO are the best for adding breadcrumbs to your website.
In general, the breadcrumb is a small but important feature that will be a great addition to any WordPress site. Hopefully, from now you can change the breadcrumb “Home” text in WordPress in a few clicks.

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