How to change the maximum logo size (Method #2)

Sometimes you might experience the issue of the logo size not corresponding to the original image size. This issue might be related to coding implemented for restriction of the size. If Method #1 did not help you or can’t be applied, please, perform the steps below to change it.

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  1. Login to your Shopify admin panel and navigate to Online store > Themes-> Actions > Edit code.
  2. You need to scroll down to the Config folder and choose settings_schema.json file.

  3. In the window on the right side of the files list, you will see the content of this file. We recommend creating a copy of the code in the file before editing it.

  4. Locate such code approximately on Line 57: 

    and change the values to the ones convenient for you.
    For example, if we want to have logo size as 800 x 600 px, the changed code will look like this:

  5. Save the made changes.

Now you can go to theme editor and upload a new logo of the needed size!

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