How to change max logo size (Method #1)

Sometimes you might experience the issue of the logo size not corresponding to the original image size. This issue might be related to coding implemented for restriction of the size.

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When you are talking about Shopify engine the first thing you imagine is extremely hard engine with totally puzzling “liquid” file and hardly understandable structure.

Thinking about the structure of engine files or its coding in the end it appears as logical and pretty understandable at all means.

Talking about simple elements of Shopify theme, we usually think of logo itself.

Why is that? The answer is pretty simple – it is the first element you pay your attention to as well it is the part you certainly would like to change on the first place.

  • In order to fix it, please, open the following section inside your Shopify admin Online StoreThemes.
  • In the Actions drop-down menu select Edit code.
    logo size
  • Navigate to the Sections folder and open the header.liquid file.
    logo size
  • Inside the file you should be able to locate the following (or similar) code:
  • Which means that “x70” is exactly the restriction of your logo dimensions. In order to enlarge it properly , you should enlarge the value and save the replacement, refer to the example below:

As you can see, the 70 value was replaced with 300, which is bigger.

This simple change will help you to change logo maximum size.

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