PrestaShop "TM Mega Menu" module

“TM Mega Menu” module is designed to create complex menus.
The module provides the ability to display one item (without sub-menu), a menu item with a submenu by means of a multi-row and multi-column block. Besides product categories and subcategories, it is possible to add a variety of elements to its drop-down panel.
The module can be used in different positions: (displayTop), left (displayLeftColumn), right (displayRightColumn), footer (displayFooter).
The main features:

  1. Fully responsive.
  2. Multistore support.
  3. Multilinguality.
  4. Swift module update.

It is possible to add categories (with subcategories), CMS categories (with subcategories), manufacturers (one or a list), suppliers (on or a list), stores (if multi-store is used), links to any products, information block about the product, custom links (not limited in quantity), custom HTML blocks (not limited in number) and banners.
Mega Menu (default):

Mega Menu (customized):

Mega Menu 2:

Mega Menu 3:

Mega Menu 4:

Mega Menu (simple):

Feel free to check the detailed tutorial “PrestaShop 1.6.x. How to work with “TM Mega Menu” Module (v.1.7.0+)“.