OpenCart 2.3.x/3.x. How to change default products number on category page

Today we are going to learn how to change default product number on category page.

OpenCart provides you with a great opportunity to view the category products on a respective page.
By default, it displays 20 products per category page but you may want to show much more products per page so that the customers don’t have to go through lots of pages if you have plenty of products associated with the category.

In this case changing the default number in the OpenCart admin settings comes in hand. To do it, you need to perform the following steps:
  • Go to the ExtensionsExtensions section.
  • Select “Themes” from the dropdown. change default product number
  • Click to Edit your theme.
  • There you will see the Default Items Per Page option, feel free to change it.
    change default product number
  • Press Save when you are ready and refresh the category page on the site to see the updated number of products on a category page.
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