OpenCart 2.x/3.x. How to add video slides to Slideshow module

OpenCart templates come with image slider by default. But you can easily add videos to your slider. We are going to provide you with a few simple steps:

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  1. First of all, you need to upload video files to your server. Connect to your server using FTP or hosting Cpanel. Navigate to image/catalog folder. Create new directory titled video.
  2. Upload your video files and thumbnail image to that directory.
    [notice type=”warning”]Please, note! You should create videos in 3 different formats. Your video files names should be the same but their formats should differ. You can use following titles for your files:

  3. Also, don’t forget to upload a thumbnail to your video slide. It will be used instead of the video on mobile devices and if the video is not available. For example, it can be a video_1.jpg file.
  4. Now you can proceed to the next step. To add video slide navigate to Extensions > Extensions page in your backend. Choose Modules in the drop-down and open Slideshow module (it might be named Swiper).
    4.1. Click ‘Add new’ button on the module page to add a new slide.4.2. Select Video from the Slide type section.
    4.3. Choose thumbnail image under the Image section.
    4.4. Specify video settings: Video loop, Video autoplay, and Video playback rate.
    4.5. Enter slide title, description, and link.
  5. Save changes and check your site to see the change.

That is it!  New tutorials are coming!

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