How to Download Magento?

This tutorial will show you how to download Magento engine.

First of all, you should be a registered user on the Magento website in order to download the installation archive.

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Then, go to page.

Choose if you want to download Magento engine with sample data (sample products, categories, banners etc) or without (empty store with no data).

download magento

* The latest version of Magento engine will always be under the DOWNLOAD tab.

The earlier Magento version will be available under the RELEASE ARCHIVE tab.

download magento

After, select the desired format of archive file and click the Download button.

download magento

[notice type=”1111″]If you’re using Windows, choose .zip type.

And for Unix and Unix-like operating system it is better to download the .tar.br2 or .tar.gz archive file.

Note, your server will need to meet all Magento system requirements in order for it to install.
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