Magento 2.x. Widget Types Overview

In this guide, we will explain you types of widgets which may be used in the Magento 2 themes.

They are as follows:

  • CMS Static Block
  • Catalog Image Grid
  • Featured products
  • Parallax Block
  • Blog: Latest posts
  • Template Monster FilmSlider
  • Shop by Brand

Widgets can be created and managed in Content > Widgets section of Admin Panel.

Click the Add Widget button at top right and create:

CMS Static Block

The CMS static block widget may display all the blocks you created in Content > Blocks section of Admin panel.

For example, if you want to display the BANNER static block on the homepage, all you need to do is to add a layout for the CMS Home page in Layout Updates section of the widget.

It will display the block BANNER on a homepage or any page you’d like.

[notice type=”1″]See the tutorial on How to add CMS Static Block.

Catalog Image Grid

This widget is used for the Catalog Image Grid extension to be displayed on the frontend.

Once you have configured the Catalog Image Grid extension, you can add it to some layout in the Layout Updates section.

[notice type=”1″]See the tutorial on How to manage Featured Products widget.

Featured products

As you understand from the title, these widgets display products, especially New Products, Sale Products, Most Viewed Products, Bestseller products, Top Rated Products, Manual Products, All Products, which can be selected in Widget Options of the widget you create.

Simply create a widget, select its type, set the title and position for it to display. And voila, the products are displayed.

[notice type=”1“]See the tutorial on How to add Catalog Image Grid widget.

Parallax Block

This widget type is used to display your parallax blocks on the website, which include images of big sizes displaying fullwidth on your website.

[notice type=”1″]See the tutorial on How to manage Parallax module.

Blog: Latest posts

The widget type is used to display Latest Posts from your Blog on the frontend and allows your customers to be first to check them.

[notice type=”1″]See the tutorial on How to manage Blog extension.

Template Monster FilmSlider

This widget is used to display the TemplateMonster FilmSlider module. It allows you to add a slider with multiple layers to your store home page.

A rich collection of slider configuration options and user-friendly interface will help you to configure your slider fast and easily.

[notice type=”1″]See the tutorial on How to manage “FilmSlider”.