Magento 2. How to Add a Tier Price

Setting up Tier Price is also one of the best promotion programs to encourage the customers to purchase.
Tier Pricing is a great opportunity for shoppers to buy more and pay less. It’s also a great method for you to get more sales by applying discounts based on the quantity of ordered items.

In Magento 2 you can easily set the tier price to a certain customer group or store view.

The tier price will be displayed with the words “As low as” on the Product List Page and on the Product Page the site visitors will see a short discount message, like “Buy 2 for $50 each, and save 50%”

Setup the Tier Price

In order to configure the tier price, do the following:

1. Open your Magento Admin Panel and navigate to the Products > Catalog section.

Products > Catalog

2. Find the product you want to add tier price to and click Edit.

click Edit

3. Press the Advanced Pricing button.

Advanced Pricing

4. Tap Add in the Tier Price area and set the conditions for the price to apply:

 Add in the Tier Price

  • Select the Website you want the tier price be available for.
  • Choose the Customer Group (you also can choose ALL GROUPS) that will receive the discounted price.

 conditions for the price to apply

  • In the Quantity field, enter the number of products the discount to be applied.
  • In the Price field, enter the discounted price for the product.

You can have as many Tier Price conditions as you need for each product. For example, you can have one discounted price if a customer purchases 2 items and another tier price in case of purchasing 3 items.

5. Press Done.


6. Then click on the Save button to finish.

Save button

7. Clear the Magento cache and reindex Magento data.