Magento 2. How to Setup Free Shipping in Magento 2

Free Shipping is an effective eCommerce marketing strategy to encourage customers to buy your product. We are going to use standard Magento 2 functionality.

➤ Log into your Magento Admin Panel, and go to the Marketing > Promotions > Cart Price Rules section.

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You need to activate Free Shipping for your store.

1. Go to the Stores, then tap Configuration under the Settings section.

2. Expand the Sales section and click Shipping Methods.

3.Open the Free Shipping tab and do the following:

4. Set Enabled option to “Yes”.

5. Add the Title. It’s a “Free Shipping” by default (visible on the Frontend).

6. Enter the Method Name for internal reference (e.g. Free).

7. Set the Minimum Order Amount to apply the Free Shipping. Enter 50 to allow Free Shipping for orders of 50$ or more (depending on the currency you use). Leave the field empty to apply the shipping method to each order.

8. Enter a error message text in the Displayed Error Message option field. This error message will appear in case Free Shipping is not available.

9. Move to the Ship to Applicable Countries. You can allow Free Shipping for All Allowed Countries (the shipping method is supported for each country in the list) or Specific Countries (the shipping method is only supported for selected countries).

10. Set the Sort Order for the Shipping Method on the checkout page.

11. Press the Save Config button.

12. Clear the cache.

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