Magento 2. Add Grouped Products

From this tutorial you’ll learn how to add Grouped Products in Magento 2.
The fundamental difference between Grouped Products and Bundle Products is that the Bundle Products can be sold as a single product, unlike the Grouped Products are made of standalone products that are presented as а group.
The “Grouped Products” in Magento 2 can be considered as the “marketing method” to encourage customers to buy more products at once, thus make shopping flawless.
To add the Grouped Product in Magento 2, do the following:

1. Switch to your Magento 2 store Dashboard.

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2. Now you need to go to the Catalog > Products menu.

grouped products magento

Add Simple Product

(*) First you should create Simple Products.

Let’s assume that we want to sell a set of different sizes belts.

So, you need to create New Simple Product for each belt size.

See the tutorial on How to add a Simple Product.

[notice type=”warning”]Note, you can sell each simple product separately.

Add a Grouped Product

1. Move back to the Products Management page and select “Grouped Products” from the Add Products dropdown.

add grouped products

You’ll move to the Grouped Product settings interface.

2. Select the Attribute Set to use as a template for the product.

See the tutorial on How to add Attribute Sets.

3. Specify the Product Name and enter your SKU (you can leave the filed blank to create the SKU based on the product name).

4. Set visibility to “Catalog, Search“.

add grouped products

5. The next step is to assign the product to the category.

See the tutorial on how to Manage Product Categories.
The product should be “enabled” and have “In Stock” status to appear on the storefront.

Add a product description

You can add some description to the product (in the Content tab).

grouped products magento

Add a Video

1. Go to the Images and Videos tad.

2. Here you can add video and photos of the product.

3. Press Add Video button to upload the video file.

add grouped products

See the tutorial on How to add a Product Video.

Add Images

1. Drag an image from your desktop, and drop it on the camera tile.


Click on the the camera tile, and navigate to the image file on your computer.

Then, choose the image, and tap Open.

2. Press in the image thumbnail to access the image display settings.

3. You can use the image as the Base, Small or Thumbnail.

add grouped products

4. Specify the Alt Text.

You also can Hide the image from the Product Page.

Add products to the group

1. Expand the Grouped Products and press Add Products to Group.

grouped products magento

2. Use the Filters to find the product you want to add to the group.

3. Tick the product and click Add Selected Product button.

grouped products magento


You will see the added product listed in the Grouped Products table.

add grouped products

4. Set the Default Quantity for each product in the group.

You can set the number of each product that will be ordered if the customer doesn’t change it.

grouped products

4. Save the setting .

grouped products

5. Clear the Magento cache and reindex data.

6. After you refresh you online store page, you will see the new Grouped Product (Product Page):

grouped products magento[notice type=”warning”]May be useful: Magento 2. Products are not visible on the Frontend.

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