Magento 2.1.x. How to Manage Special Price Timer Extension

Here you can find the instructions on how to manage Special Price Timer extension.

This module provides you with an option to display the countdown timer for the products with a special price. It shows up automatically after specifying the special price for the product and setting up the time period the special price be available.

There are 3 locations available for this module to show up: products page, catalog page or home page products’ widgets.
Special Price Timer exampleModules settings can be reached at the Stores > Configuration > Templatemonster > Special Price Timer section at site admin panel.
Special Price Timer settings
You may also configure the certain module appearance for all the 3 locations individually.

Let’s review the options available:
  • Enabled — sets the timer ON/OFF for the selected page.
  • Timer Format — defines timer display format. You can set the desired timer structure, add the HTML tags and attributes.
  • Selector — use the default container or specify another selector by which you want to display the Countdown Timer.