Magento 1.x. How to Use Magento Widgets

Here you can find the instructions on how to use Magento widgets.

Magento Widgets are frontend blocks with a predefined set of configuration options. These configuration options are displayed in a special edit form in the backend panel when a widget is being added or edited by a store owner. The ability to easily set widget configuration options provides the store owners with the full control of widget placement on a page.

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  • Firstly, navigate to CMS > Widgets. You will see the Manage Widget Instances page.
  • In order to add the new widget, click on the Add new widget instance button. Then, on the Settings menu, choose the widget Type and Design Package/Theme and click on the Continue button.


  • After that, you will see the detailed New Widget Instance settings interface. The Type and the Design Package/Theme are already determined in the previous step. You will only need to add Title, Store View, and Sort Order.
  • Click on the Add Layout Updates button. Now you can choose where to display the widget in the Layouts Update section.


  • Then, go to the Widget Options tab.
  • Select the Block (for the CMS Static Block widget type) and click on the Save button.
  • Clear the Magento cache.
  • Refresh your Magento store website.
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