Magento 1.x. How to Add a New Page Link to the Main Menu

Here you can find the instructions on how to add the page links to the main menu (navigation menu).

Add the Subcategory

  • Firstly, go to the Catalog > Manage Categories section.
  • You need to select the Default Category.
  • Then click on the Add Subcategory
  • Enter your link Name.
  • Set Is Active option to Yes.
  • Specify the URL Key in lowercase letters with hyphens instead of spaces (e.g. about-us).link-main-menu-magento-zemez
  • Set Include to Navigation Menu  option to Yes.
  • Click on the Save Category

Create a Redirect

  • Navigate to the Catalog > URL Rewrite Management section.
  • In the Request Path column search field, type the subcategory URL key (e.g. about-us) you’ve just created, and click Search.
  • Click on the Edit button to open the item.
Please, REMEMBER the ID path and the Request path of your URL Rewrite. You can note the information or copy it to the notepad.


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  • Now, you need to delete the URL Rewrite for each language. In order to do this, click the Delete button at the top right.


Create a page

  • Firstly, go to CMS > Pages section.
  • Click on the Add New Page button.
  • Enter the page title.
  • Specify the URL key for the new page.
  • Choose to display the page on All Store Views.
  • Click on the Save Page button.

Add a new URL rewrite

  • Go to the Catalog > URL Rewrite Management section and click on the Add URL Rewrite button.
  • Select Custom in the Create URL Rewrite option dropdown.
  • Enter the category ID path you have noted.
  • Specify the Request Path of the category you have noted.
  • To fill in the Target Path field, open your site and click any main menu link. Then copy-paste its url into the Target Path field, e.g.: (where “contacts” is the Request Path for the Contact Us navigation page). Replace the Request Path with the new item Request Path which you have noted.
  • Set Redirect option to Permanent 301.
  • Click on the Save button.

Clearing your Magento Cache

See this tutorial on how to clear Magento cache.

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