How to work with Template Manager

This tutorial is going to show you how to work with Template Manager in Joomla 3.x.

Template manager allows you to manage files from site backend, change some theme style settings and add files overrides.
To access Template Manager navigate to Extensions > Templates page in your admin panel. You will see Styles and Templates tabs on the left side. Let’s take a closer look at those buttons.

Templates tab

Templates tab allows you manage theme’s files. To access files click on Templates tab from the left menu on Extensions > Templates page. Open theme by clicking its name. You will notice several tabs here:

  1. Editor tab allows you to modify files directly from your Joomla admin panel:
    • You can select a file from the left sidebar. Modify the file and click the Save button.
    • Also, you can use this section to add more files. To add a new file, click New File button. You can upload a new file from your computer or create the file directly in Template Manager. To do that specify your file name and type and select its location directory (select it from the left sidebar in popup window).
    • Also, you can copy templates or preview templates. Click on Copy Template or Preview Template buttons accordingly.
  2. In order to create template overrides, select tab Create Overrides then click on the component you need to override to edit the override file(s). This option could be used for replacing default theme file with the modified one.
  3. Template Description tab contains general theme information: theme name, author, etc.
Styles tab

Styles tab allows you to modify default template settings. You can see all themes available for activation here.  You can activate one of those themes by clicking Set Default button.

Also you can open default theme and change its settings. This section allows you to do the following changes:

  1. You can select whether your module position is fullwidth or has normal width.
  2. Logo Settings section allows you to change logo width and upload your logo image. In case you leave Logo field empty your site title will be used instead of the logo image. You can change this title under Site > Global Configuration > Site Name section in your backend.
  3. Also you can manage footer settings here. You can upload/change footer logo and set up copyright links.
  4. Typography button allows you to set tags for the titles on your site.
  5. Features tab contains Back to desktop version button, To top button, jQuery Black&White plugin and Offline Countdown settings.
  6. Under the Menu assignment tab you can manage template assignment settings.

That is it! You know how to work with Template Manager in Joomla 3.x themes now. Something new is coming soon.