How to display a few articles per row

This tutorial is going to provide you with some hints on how to display a few articles in a row in order to create the advanced layouts at your Joomla website. Please, just follow the steps, listed below:
  1. First, log into your Joomla admin panel and visit the Extensions -> Modules section.

  2. Create a new module using the NEW button at the top left.

  3. Choose its type, we recommend that you set it to ‘Articles – Newsflash (Advanced)’. The Article Newsflash Module will display a fixed number of Articles from a specific Category or a set of Categories. It has more options than the default Articles – Newsflash module.

  4. Specify the module’s Title and choose a position on the right side. You will see the available positions in the dropdown list under your theme title.

  5. Next, set your own category if you want to showcase just the items of the certain category, such as ‘Our Services’.

  6. Then, scroll down to the ‘Number of articles’ and the ‘Columns’ settings and define the same numbers there, e.g., enter 4 to the ‘Number of articles’ input field and select 4 in the Columns’ drop-down. This will make 4 articles appear in a row on the website frontend, just as you wanted. The available options are 1,2,3,4,6.
In case you need to show 5 items per row, you will need to perform some extra steps. Here they are:
  1. Enter 5 to the ‘Number of articles’ input field and select 4 in the Columns’ drop-down.

  2. Switch to the Advanced tab and input some custom CSS class suffix to the ‘Module Class Suffix’ field, for example, five-per-row (you can use letters, dashes and underscores in this field, but no spaces).

  3. Set ‘Bootstrap size’ to the required value in a range from 1 to 12 (full width of a page). In this example, we will choose 10 for the Bootstrap size and 2 for the Offset Columns in the respective drop-downs.

  4. Save&Close your module and navigate to the Extensions -> Templates -> Templates section. Click here on the ‘ThemeXXX Details and Files’ (where XXX stands for your theme number).

  5. Unfold the css folder and click on the template.css file to open it for editing. Paste the following rule to the bottom of a file and save the changes then:

    [notice type=”warning”] Remember to change ‘five-per-row’ to your own class suffix in this rule in case your CSS class differs from the one, presented in this tutorial.

  • Save the edits and check your website frontend. You might need to clear your browser and Joomla cache to see the edits applied.

    That’s it, now you know how to display a few articles per row on your Joomla website. Wish you good luck with site editing!
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