Troubleshooter. Missing components after Joomla update to 3.7+

This guide will help you in restoring the website Components menu after the engine update.

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Let’s suppose that you’ve just updated your Joomla engine to the latest release (version 3.7.2 or higher) and noticed some unwanted changes in the admin panel – like the missing components names under the Components menu. For sure, your first intention would be to make everything work smoothly, and here’s the point this tutorial comes in hand. We will be happy to help you to correct this issue!

  1. First, please, open your hosting cPanel and look for the PHPMyAdmin tool. If you don’t have cPanel, contact your hosting company to learn how to get to the databases in an alternative way.
  2. Click on your website database listed at the top left and press the SQL tab at the top then. This is needed to run the SQL query and affect just this Joomla website we’re working with.
    [notice type=”warning”]It’s highly recommended that you backup your database prior performing any edits!

  3. Copy the following code to the input field under the SQL tab and replace #_ with your own database prefix.

    [notice type=”warning”]Important! By default, database prefix is set to jos_, but it might differ so be sure to set your own prefix in the code below. You can check it in the System -> Global configuration -> Server tab at Joomla admin panel.

  4. Press the GO button and check your Joomla admin panel. All the components are listed under the Components menu now.
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