Troubleshooter. How to deal with warnings that appear just after installation

This article will show how to deal with warnings that appear just after the template installation.

Sometimes, after template installation, you can see some messages or notices on your Joomla site. This is not actually an issue, but it pisses a lot of people off. So, if you don’t want Joomla to show you all the notices by writing them on top of every page – you will like the solutions below.

IMPORTANT: There are several ways of fixing this problem. Use the simplest method, in case if it does not work – go for the next one.

Method 1. Joomla’s Global Configuration

The simplest solution ever – Log into your Joomla admin panel as super administrator. Navigate to Site -> Global Configuration and open Server tab. Find Error Reporting option and change its value to Simple or None. Don’t forget to save the changes.

Method 2. Modifying php.ini

Open your php.ini file (you may find it with search in your website root directory and locate following string:

display_errors = On


display_errors = 1

Change this value to:

display_errors = Off


display_errors = 0

Method 3. Changing .htaccess

If the first method did not work and you can not find your php.ini (or do not have access to it), you may try modifying it throughout .htaccess with is located in your website’s root folder. Add this to the file:

php_flag display_errors off

If it did not work, change “off” to “0”.

This is three most commonly used methods how to deal with the warnings in Joomla.