Troubleshooter. How to deal with “Table ‘__virtuemart_categories’ doesn’t exist” error in case of adding a new language

This tutorial will show you how to deal with the “Table ‘__virtuemart_categories’ doesn’t exist” error. It might occur after installing a new language and setting it as a default for your Joomla website.
  1. Firstly, you need to navigate to phpMyAdmin tool in your hosting cPanel and open the database assigned to your installation. If in doubt which one it is, check the configuration.php file in Joomla root folder.
  2. Now you need to export xxx_virtuemart_categories_en_gb table, using export option in phpMyAdmin.
  3. The error itself will give you a hint which table needs to be added. It will contain the language ISO code, such es en_gb for English (Great Britain). All you have to do now is replace the default language code with the that of freshly installed language. For instance, if you installed Romanian, you need to open the exported file for editing and replace all instances of en_gb with ro_ro.
  4. Once you have that, save the file and import it into the database. It will resolve the issue.

This is the end of the tutorial, now you know how to easily fix this issue in 4 simple steps. Good luck!

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