How to install Joomla theme

This tutorial will guide you on how to install Joomla theme.

  • Open your Joomla admin panel and navigate to the Extensions ⇒ Manage tab.
  • Click the “Upload Package File” tab and press the “Choose File” button.
    install Joomla theme Then choose “” file from the “joomla” folder of your template package.

    You’ll see the installation confirmation message.
  • When installation process is completed, you’ll need to activate your theme under the Extensions ⇒ Templates ⇒ Styles.
  • Mark the themeXXXX-Default style and press the “Default” button. Now you can check the new appearance of your website.
    install Joomla theme
You have installed just a theme, but in order to finish the template installation process you’ll also need to install all the necessary extensions and modules with sample data.