How to install theme extensions

How to install theme extensions, today we will learn how to solve this task!

Installation of Joomla theme additional extensions is a really important step and if you do it properly all the work on a website will go smoothly.

Today we will learn this part of installation – uploading all the required extensions

  • First of all, unzip the template package, you will see sources zip archive inside.
    It is password protected-the password is your TemplateMonster ID.
  • After unzipping the sources zip archive, you will see a file inside. It contains almost all the extensions that you need for the template. The sources folder might contain other zip archives that you’ll need to install as well.
  • Let’s upload them to the website. Log into your admin panel and navigate to the Extensions ⇒ Manage ⇒ Install section.
    install theme's extensions
    install theme's extensions

Now you can download zips there and voila, all the required extensions are installed!