How to add a new module position

In a couple of easy steps, you can add a new module position to a Joomla theme and this tutorial will help you to understand how to achieve it.
  1. In order to add a new position, navigate to a templates folder in your Joomla root directory via FTP or File manager and open your current Joomla theme folder, usually, it’s called like themeXXXX.

  2. The changes will be made to index.php file, open it for editing and locate the code of an existing position similar to your new one. Then copy its code, it should look similar to this snippet:

  3. Adjust the copied code to your liking by replacing your_new_position_title with your new title. Once you are done, paste the new code where you would like to appear.

  4. After doing that, open templateDetails.xml file in the same folder and copy an entry of one of the existing positions, you can check an example below:

  5. Replace your_new_position_title with the title of your position, the same as you used in index.php file. Save the changes.

  6. Now you can go to the admin panel, open any module for editing or create a new one. You will see you newly created module position in the list of available theme’s modules positions.

 Thank you for reading this tutorial and have fun with website building!

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