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5 Best WordPress Themes for Makeup Artist 2021

There are many professions whose representatives create or emphasize beauty. Surely you have repeatedly thought about opening a beauty salon, barbershop, manicure studio or else. Professional visage allows you to change your appearance, transform your appearance – the shortcomings are skillfully hidden, and the merits are emphasized. The services of makeup artists are used before photo shoots, weddings, birthdays, corporate parties and other celebrations. You can present your work through the website, thanks to the best WordPress themes for makeup artist.

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Despite the low financial entry threshold, the makeup artist’s activities are by no means easy. So that you can develop as a specialist, you need to invest in business development. First, we are talking about our own site, which will help you create your client base.

The makeup artist’s portfolio is his business card on the Internet, on which the income of a specialist in this field directly depends. Therefore, your site will be able to find potential customers, and thanks to the hosted portfolio, evaluate your work. Also, the site is a great opportunity to find out the contact details of the makeup artist.

What does it take to create a makeup artist portfolio site? First, you need to determine which resource you need. Of course, not everyone has knowledge in the field of programming, and to create a site you need to contact specialists. These could be site development companies or freelancers. To begin the development, compile a list of wishes for the site, as you would like it to look, what functions it provides for visitors. To decide, look at the portfolio of competitors.

Why should you use ready-made best WordPress themes for makeup artist?

Without a doubt, the best way to create a site today is to use a ready-made best WordPress themes for makeup artist. We will tell you in detail what themes you can use to work so that your site is interesting, beautiful and super attractive to customers.

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On the basis of the best WordPress themes for makeup artist today, you can create a site of almost any complexity. The ready-made topics that we will present below will allow you to quickly install the site, fill it with content, customize and change the appearance. Of course, one of the topics listed will probably suit you, you should just carefully study them to choose the best option for you.

The main advantages of any WordPress theme are:

1. Open code, which allows you to make changes and refine any resource.

2. A large set of additions, extensions, templates.

3. If difficulties arise, and you do not know what to do with this template, you can always search the Google, almost all the information is in the public domain. Also, at your disposal is the help of technical support.

4. Understandable interface of the administrative panel.

5. You can install on any hosting: most popular hosts have a built-in WordPress installation tool.

Based on the above advantages and our experience of using CMS, we believe that the system is ideal for the development of both a landing page and a large information portal with an extensive structure of many pages.

With the help of a website created with the help of the best WordPress themes for makeup artist, you will not only attract more customers, but also make cooperation with you more organized and pleasant. And how convenient and pleasant your current customer experience will be depended on your future business.

Roxxe – Beauty Salon WooCommerce Theme

Minimalist template for beauty salon. Use this theme if you want to quickly launch a resource for a beauty salon and other related business areas. Pleasant appearance, convenient submission of information – including the reception of a block gallery, which has proved its effectiveness even using the example of the social network Instagram. Also, a spectacular form of capture and feedback.

What you will find in this theme:

1. beautiful and stylish thanks to a successful combination of pictures, background, fonts;

2. Many finished pages – all customizable;

3. Modern mobile adaptability.

There is also what is necessary for the quality of your business: online booking, contact form for communication with customers.

You manage all the elements of your site, you can create your own menu, create and change headers and footers, create a design with the style of your company. Here you can also keep your blog if you want to attract customers in this way.

So, enjoy the perfect work of your website! Especially when it is under your full control – you can make changes yourself at any time, even if you do not have experience.

The theme was created with the help of Bootstrap 4. This means simple work, without knowing the basics of programming. Just drag and drop items, create the pages and sections you prefer. It’s really simple, you’ll appreciate all the possibilities of the Roxy theme.

In short, this is a versatile aesthetic theme with excellent adaptability to any device. It is designed for a creative approach to page design, is as convenient as possible for managing settings and visiting customers. It provides a creative concept for building the desired website, instant page loading, SEO optimization for indexing in search engines, you can make an online store on WooCommerce.

Cosmetro – Cosmetics Store Elementor WooCommerce Theme

Want to create a perfect online store? The Cosmetro template is suitable for offering services and selling goods. A large set of useful tools: beautiful slides, 30-page layouts, SEO optimization. A convenient administrator panel allows you to create a site in several clicks with beautiful design and full information about the service.

Cosmetro offers not to be content with small, but strives for creative implementation, to create a unique website an order of magnitude higher in level than that of competitors. You have an unlimited choice of colors, quick translation into any language, several gallery styles.

The adaptability which will be had by your template of beauty shop WordPress is key not only for acquisition of customer who visits your website, but also for global advance. SEO-optimized and adaptive beauty salon theme in search results have a better chance of getting into the TOP. If you do not want to lose customers, be sure to pay attention to the adaptability of the topic you plan to use to create the site.

One of the most popular themes, WordPress now has a beauty salon demo, and it looks just great. Needless to say, Cosmetro pleases almost any user. This is a powerful multipurpose skin for a site that offers you unlimited opportunities when it comes to creating a dream site. Your customers will be impressed and immediately engaged before even checking out the professional services you offer.

Web design is large, wide and striking in its greatness. In conclusion, Cosmetro owns everything from a full-screen banner and parallax effect to sticky navigation and cool accordions. You will not find anything lost when it comes to such a multifunctional topic. A great section for your specialist, a convenient slider with reviews of the social networks button, built right into the layout.

Emma Oakley – Makeup Artist WordPress Theme

Emma Oakley is a great creative multipurpose theme for WordPress. This theme provides an amazing basis for the development of modern websites. Also, you will find a wide range of use cases and site archetypes. Using one of the ready-made website templates, Emma can create a complex, full-featured site for you in just a couple of clicks. Just fill it with content and start working online!

Using the elements, the graphical setup becomes intuitive and deep, and the finished pages are included for quick start, ensuring that you always find the right template for what you need. Emma’s conceptual demos for makeup artists or beauty salons are among the strongest on the market today, with a unique wealth of features and resources honed specifically for a professional website. Emma Oakley is compatible with WooCommerce. Having Elementor as a page designer makes this theme an extremely useful tool. This gives you real-time page editing with superfast speed and instant page loading. This will allow you to create a truly responsive website.

Finally, you will be delighted with the built-in capabilities of the online store, allowing you to easily advertise your services with the help of a package of plug-ins WooCommerce for e-commerce, to gorgeous widgets and short codes for your services, tariff plans. Here you will find many other useful tools for Google Maps API localization and extremely accurate and flexible code writing.

In conclusion, with this template, it is not difficult to create something amazing and memorable. The best plugins and modern design are available to implement bold ideas.

Imagus – Cosmetics Store, Beauty Center Elementor WordPress Theme

You can easily use Imagus as the WordPress theme of a beauty salon or spa. In fact, any wellness, beauty salon and other similar projects work with Imagus. With the demo content available, this theme requires very little time and effort. You can already have a layout that represents your services ready to run. Also, feel free to customize the design and label it accordingly.

Parallax effect, slider, call-to-action buttons, scroll animation, tariff plans, feedback, contact form and Google Maps. All this is to a greater or lesser extent only the basic functions of the template. Similarly, with this theme, you can easily create a website. Its refined code provides maximum performance under all driving conditions. With a powerful customization panel, set up your entire theme without coding knowledge. Premium plugins include Elementor, Woodbuilder, Jet Blocks, Jet Menu and others. Also, great blogging, portfolio and store opportunities allow you to showcase and sell your business.

The site created using this best WordPress themes for makeup artist will attract the attention of customers and help them to record online.

The theme is also fully adaptive for viewing on any device. You can easily change it and customize it without assistance. And additional plugins can endlessly expand the possibilities of the topic.

The best WordPress themes for makeup artist offer a realistic slider, harmonizing with the general design, a large set of additional settings. You can control the page design completely without changing the code. Above all, easy to manage. Beautiful, informative and also memorable template that complies with the rules of the selling site.

Stylyn – Cosmetic And Beauty Shop WordPress Theme

Stylyn is another bright, beautiful and easy to use the best WordPress themes for makeup artist that you can use for spa and health thematic. It is versatile enough to change it quickly to your needs. When it comes to Stylyn, you can set up everything without having to touch one line of code. With an easy drag and drop process, you can create a complex website that only professionals once knew. But you do not need to have experience in order to successfully create an online resource with this topic.

Along with a predefined index and internal demos, the theme also supports many header and footer styles, blocks, and modules. You simply mix and select the available material, and a fully functional page opens in front of you. Here we have already taken care of all technical features, such as response speed and fast loading speed. You can create an unlimited number of pages, sell your goods and services online. All this – thanks to convenient settings and theme functionality. It is especially beneficial for you to present your products here. A convenient product map, where everything is thought out, you can add related products and purchase in one click.

Light “air” design and elements of “natural” style cause associations with freshness, pleasant emotions. Inside, you are waiting for a simple admin panel with powerful capabilities; a plugin for recording for a specific time; Set colors in one click. Here, you can customize many enjoyable features. This can be registration for a convenient time, contact and ask questions using feedback forms, the ability to attach Google Maps. All settings can be made online. Optimized for search engines, SEO promotion is automated.


Previously, it was quite difficult to find a high-quality template for a makeup artist or beauty salon. We decided that it was time to eliminate it, because now there are so many best WordPress themes for makeup artist. Believe, you’ll be delighted with them. You can use the themes in the design provided by the developers. For those who want alternative solutions, you can always update the design and create your own unique style.

So, these best WordPress themes for a makeup artist have been developed as an intuitive, user-friendly platform. They will help you create modern websites in the field of beauty, spa, salons, yoga studios and much more. Powerful plugins and original layouts, tempting page templates and full-featured demo websites await you in the topics presented. This greatly accelerates the development process. You get a full range of visual and graphic settings with a visual page designer. It includes hundreds of elements and configurations at no additional cost to you.

Therefore, now you can easily select the best WordPress themes for makeup artist for the beauty salon, site templates for the hairdresser, spa templates, as well as templates for the online cosmetics store, hairdresser tools and other accessories related to the beauty sphere. Choose wisely the best beauty salon template WordPress to create an amazing site today!

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