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How to Add FTP User with Limited Access Using GoDaddy Hosting Server

From this tutorial you’ll learn how to add FTP user with limited access if you’re using GoDaddy hosting server.

Adding a User
  1. Let’s access GoDaddy hosting server. Navigate to your GoDaddy cPanel and open FTP Accounts menu.
  2. In the newly opened FTP Accounts window you need to fill in all the required fields to add a new FTP user account. Here you need to set the username, password.  Then define a directory to which the new FTP user will have access, and select the preferable quota for uploading. Then click on Create FTP Account button to create a new FTP user.Add FTP User
  3. In the field below you’ll be able to see the list of FTP users and change their permissions and uploading quota. You’ll also be able to delete the users.