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Comparing Gutenberg Block Editor and Elementor

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Hi, guys! Surely, you are right here to learn each detail about the WordPress Gutenberg editor and Elementor WordPress plugin. Day in day out there are loads of discussions between these page builders. Which one is better? Which to choose when you are a beginner? How to use both editors? And many other infinite questions appeared in your mind. 

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Now we are going to explore Gutenberg and Elementor page builders. Let the battle begin!   

What is Gutenberg?

We are starting with the WordPress Gutenberg editor. What is Gutenberg at all? 

Firstly, Gutenberg is a whole new editor for any website with a relevant WordPress version with the possibility to add content blocks for the necessary functions.  

You should remember that every element in Gutenberg is a block, and your web page will contain blocks only. What are the benefits of using blocks? The pros are that they are highly intuitive. After adding the Paragraph block and typing text, you can just press Enter and the WordPress will throw you to another block.

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Also, the collection of blocks is marvelous, and each user can find something for his website. By the way, if you need more blocks, there are plenty of plugins to install and expand the collection. 

Additionally, every block includes a certain kit of options and customization possibilities. That is why you won’t find the same block as yours, as it will be unique.

The WordPress Gutenberg Editor: 10 Things You Need to Know 

Now we want you to know all the essential facts about the WordPress Gutenberg editor. Here is the list of 10 things you should learn. We hope, you find them unique and significant. 

  • Gutenberg editor is integrated into WordPress 5.0

Since WordPress 5.0 has been released the users mustn’t download the Gutenberg editor manually. Now it is integrated into WordPress and all you need to do is just go to Dashboard and release that Gutenberg is already yours. 

  • Create unique Gutenberg blocks yourself 

In case, you have some coding experience, there is an opportunity to create your blocks. Customize the content and page layouts without any effort. 

  • Don’t need to use Gutenberg? Disable it

If you want to stop using the Gutenberg editor, you can disable it in the settings. Be sure, your website will be alright and in case you decide to turn back to Gutenberg, just enable it later.  

  • WordPress 4.9 or less isn’t bound for Gutenberg 

Install Gutenberg editor even if you have the WordPress version 4.9 or less. Find the Gutenberg in the WordPress plugin repository and install the Gutenberg without any risks about the compatibility with other editors. 

  • Gutenberg & WordPress block editor is the same? 

You can be a little bit confused about what is the difference between the Gutenberg editor and the WordPress block editor. We can explain easily, that these concepts are similar because just calls Gutenberg the WordPress block editor. So it’s just up to you how to call the Gutenberg editor. 

  • Constant development and enhancement

Each version of Gutenberg comes with plenty of brand-new features that increase the quality of performance and speed of page customization. Besides, the WordPress 5.5 update includes loads of improvements exactly for Gutenberg. And we are sure this isn’t the end.

Read about the WordPress 5.5 update in our post. 

  • More and more blocks in Gutenberg collection 

The number of blocks is increasing day in day out, so don’t miss your chance to boost your website with a variety of blocks. Explore more than 25 different blocks for all your purposes. Learn more about the full list of WordPress Gutenberg editor blocks

  • How about WordPress Shortcodes? 

Keep calm! WordPress shortcodes won’t disappear soon, but their number decreased in times after the WordPress block editor. Today blocks can take place many of the shortcodes, and in the future, you will need to transform your shortcodes into blocks. 

  • WYSIWYG editor 

You can ask, what? And we will explain. Gutenberg editor refers to such type of the editor which while editing gets an effect of  “What You See Is What You Get”. That means each change with the block you see in the draft will look the same on the page. So, you don’t need to worry, now with WordPress Gutenberg editor you will know each your move 

  • Adding and searching for elements

The last point we think you should know is the ability to search and add elements in a simple way. The WordPress Gutenberg editor now has a stylish “insert” button.  Clicking on it,  you will see the pop-up window with all available blocks.  

Free Elementor WordPress Website Builder 

The next popular page builder is called the Elementor WordPress plugin. You can find both Free and Pro versions, according to your needs. Today we will compare only free versions. So, what is Elementor?

Firstly, Elementor is a drag-n-drop page builder for creating websites based on WordPress. This editor attracts thousands of users with its simplicity in customization and a wide range of opportunities. 

In case, you are a beginner and hesitate if using this plugin, then there will be no doubts Elementor WordPress website builder suits you. Thanks to its clear options, and settings each non-professional developer has a chance to build a perfect and functional website in a short time. Also, keep in mind that the free version is just half of all the possibilities Elementor includes, so the Pro version will increase the potential of your website. 

Then, speaking about the widgets you will get with Elementor WordPress builder, you will be truly satisfied. Meet the collection of widgets. There you will find such elements as video, Google map, Image carousel, Tabs, Icon list, Progress bar, and many others. This pack will be enough to build pages full of possibilities. 

Also, the Elementor WordPress editor is full of pleasant options for each user. That’s why we have a list of special features and facts you will be interested in below. 

10 Things to Know About WordPress Elementor Page Builder 

  • Catch real-time changes  

Elementor can boast with its simplicity and possibility to showcase the real-time changes on the page to you. So that all the movements you will do while editing the page, you can easily see right away.  

  • Customize any detail you need

Elementor WordPress page builder offers you a wide range of options. One of the most important is the customization process. With this editor, you can customize everything you see.    

  • Adapt to any type of screen 

Responsiveness is a thing that everybody around yelling about. That’s why Elementor is responsive by default. No jokes! The website you build and all the pages are responsive originally. 

  • Premium widgets to any taste 

Elementor collection includes such a rich package of widgets that can create a professional website. As we have already said in the Free version you can find significant elements. Look through the list of basic elements

  • Install the WooCommerce plugin and build your shop

Elementor WordPress builder knows the necessity to build online stores. For this purpose, there is the WooCommerce plugin with its own package of widgets made especially for online shops. Don’t miss your chance and check the collection of WooCommerce elements

  • Popups for any website 

Create perfect popups with a Popup builder. Popup is a great tool for demonstrating discounts on colorful banners. Add there a contact form, text with buttons, and be ready to catch thousands of customers. 

  • More and more motion effects

What can we say about the animated effects on the page? Elementor offers you a lot, for instance, Parallax scrolling, Mouse Track, Horizontal & Vertical Scrolling, and so on. Such effects will add a dynamic atmosphere to the website. 

  • Drag-n-drop technology

 Make the customization process easy and modern with the drag-and-drop technology. This option allows you to just move the elements in the simplest way. No more additional actions and difficult options.

  • Elementor provides a full editing history

You know this feeling when you edit the page and suddenly something happens and you realize that all the changes didn’t save. Elementor provides you with the full editing history and you can turn out any change you want. 

Winding up

So, after we have compared the WordPress Gutenberg editor and Elementor WordPress builder, we hope you can decide which one to use. Elementor is perfect for beginners who will just drag-n-drop the widgets and create brand-new pages, and Gutenberg fits everybody who wants to use WordPress 5.0+ and don’t care about the page builder as there will be an integrated one.

As you can see each of these WordPress editors includes its pros and cons, however, the main thing is that they are unique and different with the features for any taste. What to pick? It’s up to you! Remember, you can always try both the WordPress Gutenberg editor and Elementor WordPress builder. Then, make your decision and have a good time while building the website.

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