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Multipurpose Medical WordPress Theme – BeClinic

Meet BeClinic, the true salvation in the world of WordPress themes dedicated to medical matters! Want to find the WordPress theme that will showcase medical services? Or what about multiple websites for different purposes? BeClinic is specially created to cover all medical topics. Be sure it has all chances to become a perfect match for you. 

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As well, BeClinic is easy to customize without touching any code line. Let’s check it!

Various Skins in One Multipurpose Medical WordPress Theme

The BeClnic Multipurpose medical WordPress theme provides 10+ fully-fledged templates. In addition, they all are ready-to-use. So, you can start working with any of them in a few clicks!

multipurpose medical WordPress theme

Beclinic – Clinic

multipurpose medical WordPress theme

Run a medical clinic website and offer extensive medical procedures to outbound and inbound patients. Also, the widest variety of demo content for any purpose is waiting for you.

Becosmo – Cosmetology

multipurpose medical WordPress theme

Make your clients feel that health comes first with this cosmetology skin! What is more, provide the highest quality medical care with individualized treatment. Also, showcase the country’s leading experts and add a price list. As well, assign each patient to a manager to handle all medical issues.

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Bekids – Kids clinic

multipurpose medical WordPress theme

Use BeClinic’s powerful opportunities everywhere! Create a bright and engaging website for a kids’ clinic. As a bonus, it contains a diversity of plugins and modern features. So, you’ll have no worries about its customization and adding content.

Bemind – Psychologist

multipurpose medical WordPress theme

In case you are a practicing psychologist, this skin is exactly for you! Using it you will be able to edit, replace, or remove the existing content. Moreover, you can customize blocks, sections, and other elements. This is real, due to the drag-and-drop Elementor plugin and a bunch of powerful add-ons.

Beplastic – Plastic surgeon

multipurpose medical WordPress theme

Strengthen your clinic’s online presence with powerful Plastic Surgery skin. For sure , your clinic will be presented online in an attractive way.

Elegant design and limitless opportunities are waiting for you!

Bedentist – Dental clinic

multipurpose medical WordPress theme

Spread news about your dental clinic with this flawless skin. It goes with an attractive slider, banners, and testimonials form. As for, recent news, they will be seen directly on the Home page. In short, you can set everything as you prefer!

Healtix – Family doctor

multipurpose medical WordPress theme

Do you have not enough time or money to create a custom design? It’s not a problem anymore! The family doctor WordPress theme is here to provide you with all the necessary demo content. Plus, you can use attractive icons for branding or representing your services.

CannaHope – Medical Marijuana and Cannabis

multipurpose medical WordPress theme

Medical Marijuana or Cannabis is a question that requires an accurate approach. CannaHope is designed up to the best pharmaceutical traditions. This skin allows you to show the whole assortment of your drug store easily. Plus, it’s provided with varied working elements and free stock images. Have a look at this brand-new layout!

Sadhara – Yoga Studio

multipurpose medical WordPress theme

Sadhara comes with eye-pleasing design, which is very important for yoga and meditation websites. This skin will help you stun your visitors with comfort and style. Plus, Sadhara is fully responsive and cross-browser. It’s fast and reliable. Using this WordPress theme you can forget about coding. So, create a powerful site on your own now!

Enlightment – Charity

multipurpose medical WordPress theme

The BeClnic Multipurpose medical WordPress theme goes also with the skin for charity organizations. It’s called Enlightment. This template gathers all the necessary elements for fund-raising. Plus, it will provide your site with an eye-pleasing interface and pre-designed page mockups, like home, about, contacts, and other pages. Above all, the whole customization process is fully authorized due to the drag-n-drop Elementor.

As you can see, the presented WordPress theme will be an excellent solution for a website that supports a charity project.

The Multifunctional WordPress Theme

First of all, use a variety of pre-built pages! They are also timely-updated and will grow in number. It is the best option for those who don’t possess coding skills. 

Moreover, engaging images and modern layouts will make your website look reliable and eye-catching. Also, with the Elementor drag-and-drop builder, you can add widgets without effort.

Secondly, BeClinic is really easy to install. It has a Wizard plugin on board. It makes the template installation process clear and simple. Even for those who are new to WordPress, Wizard installs a template with all the required and recommended plugins. As well, it adds the demo content within several minutes!

In addition, use the Revolution slider to take your design one level up! This is a WordPress plugin that lets you implement multiple tools. For sure, it will bring your site more dynamic content, advanced animation, and more.

Revolution Slider

What’s the best about BeClinic? Probably, the fact that it’s built with the top-notch Elementor live page builder. Elementor is really easy to work with. Also, you can create intricate carousels, catchy banners and display services. Add your clients’ testimonials in the form of pixel-perfect blocks with adjustable typography.

And, those who value functionality combined modern design will appreciate the brand-new JetMenu plugin for Elementor. Generally, it allows editing menu appearance and enriching it with content blocks. This unique plugin is invaluable if one wants to create mega menus on a professional level without coding.

BeClinic multipurpose medical WordPress theme is created with Elementor, has multiple skins, allowing this exquisite theme to become the best!

Create E-stores Effortlessly

One of the most attractive features of the theme is that it can be used as an online store. With the WooCommerce plugin on board, you can sell medical equipment. Or, feel free to open an online drug store. 

Embed Detailed Online Schedules

Creating schedules and showcasing timetables is an important feature for every medical website. Above all, the clinic multipurpose medical WordPress theme comes with the Timetable & Events Schedule plugin. 

In Conclusion

To sum up, the BeClinic multipurpose medical WordPress theme represents everything a medical template should be, like outstanding functionality, immaculate appearance, stylish designs, etc. And, what is most important, it is easy to work with. 

You will be astonished how only one theme can combine lots of skins and fit for any medical purpose. BeClinic is a favorable match for your medical site!

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