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Top 7 Software That Digital Marketing Agencies Swear By


As digital marketing becomes increasingly important for businesses of all sizes, digital marketing agencies are in high demand. To meet this demand, these agencies need to have the right tools and software to effectively manage and execute digital marketing campaigns for their clients.

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Best Software for Digital Marketing Agencies

Digital marketing agencies tend to use a wide mixture of innovative software on a daily basis. As a result, full-service digital agencies are generally expected to have a basic understanding of software from all corners of the eclectic discipline which is digital marketing

Discover the top 7 marketing software used by SEO, PPC, and content marketing professionals, regardless of your digital marketing needs.

Note that this list includes all the most useful marketing software outside of Google Search Console, AdWords, and any other tools owned by Google, Facebook, or other social media platforms. We collaborated with Digital Next on this piece to bring you truly global industry experience.


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1. Staying on top of SERPs with SEMrush

As a far-reaching piece of software that provides marketing agencies with a wealth of web visibility management resources, SEO professionals are likely to use SEMrush on a daily basis. Its abundance of different tools allows SEO professionals to compare organic search traffic with paid traffic, as well as assess the impact that search engine updates have on results and keyword rankings. 

Markedly, SEMrush’s Keyword Magic Tool benefits content marketing pros by exploring search volume, ranking difficulty, and search intent. These features help create high-converting landing pages and SEO content.

2. Presenting results with AgencyAnalytics

If you’re looking to start up your own digital marketing agency or are looking to introduce new services to your existing boutique agency, the best value that you can offer to your clients is in the development and publication of detailed digital campaign progress reports. Naturally, not all agencies have the capacity to produce these progress reports. In fact, the majority of agencies don’t. This is the gap that AgencyAnalytics set out to fill.

AgencyAnalytics is a one-stop shop for full-service digital marketing agencies. With customizable dashboards, it’s valuable for marketing pros and web developers. The ability to produce intuitive reports makes investing in it a no-brainer.

3. Conducting real-time market research on Ahrefs

Ahrefs has garnered itself to be a household name for digital marketing professionals across the globe. Utilizing all the intuitive features and firepower of Google’s Search Console (and then some!), Ahrefs is known amongst many SEO professionals as the best marketing software to check website backlinks and conducting research into how you or your client’s competitors are tracking alongside your own campaigns too. 

Although checking backlinks and assessing competitors are amongst some of the software’s more discernible benefits, Ahrefs still possesses a myriad of other features and keyword services similar to those offered by other software like SEMrush.

In a broader sense, having a look at Ahrefs every now and then will allow you to keep detailed accounts of development in your digital strategies, as well as ascertain where there are correlations between rising profits and select PPC advertising campaigns, SEO audits, or other digital marketing campaigns. After all, knowing where to invest your resources can mean the difference between a good campaign and a great campaign.

4. Creating successful PPC campaigns with ClickCease

This next one is just for PPC professionals. What’s one of the most incessant obstacles that pop up when managing a PPC campaign? Any seasoned PPC expert will naturally answer tiredly and with two terse words: ‘click bots’. Fraudulent clicks skew PPC campaign results and can vastly differ from recorded conversion rates.

In all honesty, click fraud isn’t just a nuisance, but a legitimate threat to your business and its potential profits, simply because a lack of accurate data can greatly inhibit marketing professionals and eCommerce business owners alike from making informed decisions surrounding their campaigns and ongoing site development.

ClickCease removes the negative impacts of click bots altogether, simply by its ability to tell fraudulent clicks and competitor clicks from genuine user engagement. ClickCease achieves this with the use of its innovative machine learning algorithms, which analyze clicks at their source to see precisely what events inspired them, and where they were led to upon leaving your landing pages.

5. Managing multichannel marketing with Mailchimp

Email marketing is an often overlooked practice in the wider discipline of digital marketing, but the fact of the matter is that multichannel marketing is the most powerful approach to utilize in any digital campaign. As email marketing allows engaging with potential customers right from their own devices and on a highly consistent basis. Also, it implements your own email marketing calendar is becoming a widely utilized practice.

As developing campaign reports is time-consuming without the use of AgencyAnalytics or other reporting software, developing your own email marketing campaign can also be similarly difficult, which naturally deters a lot of agencies from investing in this highly lucrative practice. 

With email marketing software like Mailchimp, however, you or your client’s email marketing calendar can become fully automated. It will allow your marketing team to focus their efforts on other aspects of your wider digital campaign. Mailchimp has been an established digital service for some time. However, their most recent features also allow software users to stay on top of a myriad of other elements of multichannel marketing too, essentially allowing campaign managers to effectively schedule select digital ads on a number of platforms to run alongside their client’s wider email marketing campaign. 

6. Remote project management with Asana

With a growing number of marketing agencies outsourcing tasks and even whole positions to remote workers during the COVID-19 pandemic, the use of remote project management software has naturally been on the up and up as well. A remote workforce differs significantly from a hybrid or temporary WFH schedule.

Enter Asana, one of the most intuitive pieces of remote project management software on the market today! Asana streamlines collaboration for in-office and remote teams, allowing them to prioritize tasks, set clear deadlines, and work on long-term projects. It’s ideal for digital marketing agencies working with offshore developers, freelancers, or remote professionals.

7. Staying in touch with Slack

A little under two years ago now, COVID-19 lockdowns forced offices across the globe to close indefinitely. A sudden shift in project management software paralyzed thousands of agencies, forcing them to adapt their everyday processes. Additionally, they had to adapt to temporary circumstances and not cater to their organization in the long run. 

Having your workforce learn a software in a limited time frame can cause unnecessary stress and confusion. To reduce wasted time on learning new tools, make sure that new introductions are as easy to operate as possible.

Slack is one of the most popular and highly praised digital communication tools for organizations all over the world. This instant messaging software combines a Facebook Messenger-like interface with all the easy video conferencing and calling tools you may find on Zoom or Skype. Slack is effectively a one-stop shop for all of your inter-organizational communication needs.

Slack’s valuable feature is creating different channels for departments and individuals to communicate with clients. Slack’s ability to compartmentalize and save messages makes it a game-changer in professional settings, even after lockdowns.


Surely, these 7 software pieces aren’t limited to digital marketing agencies. Other industries use them to learn SEO, including Google Search Console and SEMrush. Even sole traders or entrepreneurs may have dabbled in these studies and used these digital tools throughout their learning journey. 

Generally speaking, you can learn more about SEO and digital marketing using the software we have examined above.

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