WordPress Information

Probably very few people knew that WordPress would become one of the most popular CMS engines in the distant 2003.
However, now we can talk about WordPress as a leader among CMS. The ease of management and customization, an intuitive interface and a huge number of different themes and diverse plugins brought success to WordPress engine.
If you are still not sure about choosing it as your website engine, we are ready to convince you right now.
You can talk a lot about how attractive templates and skins are, but statistics is the most convincing.

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Facts About WordPress

Did you know that:

  • WordPress is the backbone of 75 million websites.
  • 27.5% of websites are built with WordPress and are using WordPress themes.
  • Of the top 10,000 sites 2682 use WordPress CMS.
  • Among the most popular WordPress-based sites, are these: Fortune.com, New York Observer, New York Post, USA Today, CNN, TIME.com, Spotify, NBC and others.
  • Every second 17 posts are published on the websites, that use WordPress.
  • 37 million people search for wordpress through Google per month.
WordPress Advantages

Let’s see why WordPress is so popular, and view the advantages of this CMS.

  • WordPress engine is user-friendly, so if you need to create a website, or are planning to use it as a blog for publishing posts, it is the perfect solution for you.
  • If you’re looking for a presentational website, or a website to display resumes or portfolios, it can be WordPress. There are lots of themes developed for those people, who need to bring their business online.
  • It is easy to install plugins. They will boost your website with additional functionality.
  • You can customize it all by yourself, and you won’t need to learn coding to do it.
  • There is an opportunity to add different kinds of content and modules if you’re using page builders. And WordPress supports different kinds of page builders. It makes the process of creating different content as easy as 1-2-3.
  • You can find tons of tutorials about WordPress on the web.
  • And what is the best thing about WordPress, that it is utterly and completely free!
Why Anyone Should Choose WordPress?

Another amazing detail is that WordPress has thousands and thousands of themes, that can turn a WordPress website into almost everything, from presentational landing-page site, that displays services, provided by your business, to complicated blogs and different types of restaurant websites and real estate agency websites. Actually all you’ll need to do is find the theme, that will suit your purposes, and install it. That’s all.
Installation process is easy and smooth, it takes up to several minutes to install WordPress, and you won’t need to mess with the code. Instead you’ll see an attractive interface, that will lead you through all the steps of WordPress engine installation.
Still have questions about WordPress installation? Feel free to visit our tutorials and learn how to install WordPress to different hosting servers.

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