Power Builder Image Module Advanced Settings

Sometimes general settings of the module are not enough to adjust its appearance to the whole page’s style. That’s where advanced settings come in handy.

From this tutorial, you’ll learn about managing Image module advanced settings.

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Image Module Advanced Settings
  • Image Max Width — here you can set the value of the maximum Image module width.
  • Force Fullwidth — enable this option if you want to show the images in the module using the full width.
  • Always Center Image on Mobile — in this block you can set if the image is centered on mobile device screens.
  • Use Border — here you can enable or disable a border for the Image module.Image module advanced settings
  • Border Color — here you can set the custom border color using color picker tool.
  • Width — in this block you can define the width of the module border.
  • Style — here you need to select a style to use it for the border from the styles in the dropdown list.
  • Custom Margin — in these fields you can define the custom margins values for the Image module in pixels.
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