Monstroid2. How to Replace Old Version with the Upgraded One Manually

From this tutorial you’ll learn how to replace the old Monstroid2 version with the new one.
Due to plugins incompatibility the only way to transfer your content is to manually rebuild it with a new editor. Let’s see how it should be done:

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  1. Use WordPress Export Tool (within Tools -> Export) to export all posts and pages into xml file;
    Please note, if you didn’t use Power Builder for editing your posts then can be easily imported back and edited with Elementor.
  2. Install a new theme with Elementor with a sample data and import back your posts and pages (by using Tools -> Import feature). Don’t forget to disable Power builder plugin;
  3. Once you have a new theme layout, you may start transferring the content.
Please note that it can be a time-consuming process and therefore it is recommended to make a full website backup before you install a new version of the template.

You should also be aware that the WordPress file upload limit is applied to the WordPress importer. This default upload value is defined by your hosting company. Sometimes this limit is 8MB, sometimes it is as low as 2MB. This can cause difficulties when you are importing a large number of posts and pages.
That’s all! Now you can proceed working with upgraded Monstroid2!

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