Creating a Database with SiteGround

From this tutorial you’ll learn about creating database using SiteGround server control panel.

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Creating Database Using SiteGround Server Control Panel
  1. Open the SiteGround cPanel frontend page. Click the MySQL Database Wizard icon in the Database tools section.
  2. Name the new database and click Next Step button.
  3. Enter user’s name and generate a password. You can also click Password Generator button to create a valid password. Then click Create User button.creating database using SiteGround server control panel
  4. Before adding a user to your database, we recommend to create a text file and save the username, the database name and the password there to have access to them from your computer. At this step, you need to add a user to your database. Check All Privileges and click Next Step button.
  5. You have successfully created a new database. You can proceed with WordPress engine installation.
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