Circle Counter Power Builder Module

A Circle Counter module can deliver to the visitors different information concerning the percentage of numbers envisioning it as a circle counter. You can set its size, color, select the percentage you want to display. Everything is pretty easy and graphic.

From this article you’ll learn how to add a circle counter with Power Builder Circle Counter module.

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Power Builder Circle Counter Module Settings
  • Title — define the title to give it to Circle Counter module.Power Builder Circle Counter Module
  • Number — here you can set the number, and thus display it in the form of counter.
  • Percent Sign — turn on the option to display a percent sign in the circle counter.
  • Rounded bar — shows the counter in the form of a rounded bar.
  • Circle line width — you can define the width of the bar line in pixels.
  • Circle size — here you can set the size of the rounded bar circle.
  • Bar Background Color — define the background color that will change the color of the rounded bar.
This tutorial is based on Fashion Blog WordPress theme.
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