Power Builder Audio Module Advanced Settings

Sometimes general settings of the module are not enough to adjust its appearance to the whole page’s style. That’s where advanced settings come in handy.

From this tutorial, you’ll learn about managing Audio module advanced settings.

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Audio Module Advanced Settings
  • Background Color — here you can set the background color for Audio module.
  • Title Font — choose one of the fonts to use it for the module title. You can also use different styles for the title text.
  • Font Size — here you can set the size for the module title.
  • Text Color — here you can choose the color to use it for the module’s title.
  • Title Letter Spacing — here you need to define the space between letters for the title text.
  • Line Height — define the title line height.
  • Caption Font — choose the font from a dropdown list for the caption.
  • Font Size — set the font size for a caption.
  • Caption Text Color — here you need to set the text color for the caption using color picker tool.
  • Letter Spacing (for Caption) — define the space between letters in the caption.
  • Line Height (for Caption) — here you can set the line height for the caption text.
  • Background Image — define a background image for the module.
This tutorial is based on Movie Responsive WordPress theme.
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