How to Re-install Plugins Manually

In some cases, you can’t update plugins using WordPress Dashboard. To get updates you might need to re-install plugins manually.

From this tutorial you’ll learn how to re-install plugins manually to use updated versions instead of old ones.

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Re-installing Plugins Manually
  1. Log in to WordPress Dashboard and locate Plugins tab in the left column.
  2. Open Installed Plugins sub menu and deactivate a plugin you need to re-install. Then delete it. Now the old version of plugin is removed.
  3. Now navigate to wp-content/plugins folder using hosting server cPanel file manager or FTP client. Upload a new version of the plugin.
  4. Return to the Installed Plugins tab on your WordPress Dashboard. Refresh the page and activate the updated version of the plugin.
This tutorial is based on Furniture WordPress theme.
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