How to Solve “Maximum Execution Time of 30 Seconds Exceeded” Error

From this tutorial you’ll learn how to deal with Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded error.

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Solving “Maximum Execution Time of 30 Seconds Exceeded” Error
  • The error usually appears when it takes too long to handle the script, and it shuts down because of the exceeded the time limit. When you’re dealing with huge files operations or resizing, you need to boost the time limit in order to solve this error.
  • Don’t hesitate to contact your hosting provider to fix this issue for you.
  • Another way to fix the error is to make changes in the php.ini file. Locate the file in the WordPress root folder and open it for editing. Find the line where max_execution_time and change its value to “600”, as shown in the code below.“Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded” error
  • Keep in mind, that if the error is caused by any coding mistakes, e.g., any infinity loop, the server will be hung with the endless process. We won’t recommend setting a higher value.
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