How to Solve “Failed to Send Your Message” Contact Form 7 Error

A contact form is extremely useful for your website. It allows visitors to interact with you directly through the site. If you’ve already created the Contact Us page on your WordPress website, then adding a feedback form, setting it up and starting to receive messages will not be difficult. The easiest way to do this is to use the right WordPress plugin. There are many different plugins, and you can choose anyone. However, Contact Form 7 is one of the best of this kind.
With over 3 million installations, Contact Form 7 is also the most widely used feedback form for WordPress. Its intuitive interface and quick installation will help you create a contact form in minutes.
The plugin supports multiple contact forms and also is perfect for sending via AJAX, captcha, Akismet spam filtering, and file uploads. Still, even despite this, you can face some difficulties.

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The contact form can be very vulnerable, and if the plugin is not installed correctly or many requests for messages are sent simultaneously, an error can occur. The best thing to do is hire a WordPress developer to install such plugins and resolve the errors that might occur repeatedly. However, you can also fix this by yourself and we can help you with that. For example, the most common is the Contact Form 7 error “Failed to send your message.” So, no panic, please! Today, we’ll provide you with a step-by-step solution to this issue. Let’s get started!

Most Typical Contact Form 7 Error Messages

The “Failed to send your message” error may be caused by several issues. Let’s learn what they are, and how to solve the problem.

  1. You get Your message was sent successfully notice with green border, but you don’t receive the email form 7 error
    • The situation usually happens when you have problems with your mail server settings. Sometimes the issue is caused by the spam filter.
  2. Failed to send your message. Please try later or contact administrator by other way notice with orange form 7 error
    • This notice appears when the submitted form is considered to be spam. If you use Contact Form 7 3.0 or the earlier version, you may get this notice because of Akismet plugin, that filters spam messages. Disable it to see, if the notice appears again.
    • If you’re using Contact Form 7 3.1 or its higher version, the reason you get this notice is cache. If the cache remains for longer than 24 hours, verification may fail and you’ll get the error notice. Clear cache more frequently to avoid this error notice.
  3. Failed to send your message. Please try later or contact administrator by other way notice with red form 7 error
    • If you get this kind of notice, then it is most likely that you have issues with mail server settings.

Solving the “Failed to Send Your Message” Contact Form 7 Error

  1. First, let’s find out what contact form causes errors. Log in to Administration panel, and navigate to Pages tab on the left. Find the page where the contact form is located and copy contact form shortcode.
  2. Now access Contact tab in the left column of the WordPress Dashboard. Find the contact form with the corresponding shortcode and proceed to editing form 7 error
  3. Switch to Mail tab of the contact form and locate the message body. If the field is empty, then copy one of the fields from the Form tab and paste it into the Message form 7 error
    Be sure to wrap the code using ”[]” square brackets. In other cases, it will cause mistakes.

    contact form 7 error

  4. If you’ve updated Contact Form 7 plugin, it may occur that the tags you use in the Form tab of your contact form are not form 7 error
  5. Please, replace the old tags with the new ones, the list of which you can view at the top of the Form tab.
  6. Now you know how to cope with Failed to send your message error.


The contact page is one of the most visited pages on the majority of the websites. A lot of people use companies’ websites, especially for this purpose. Contact forms are very useful both, for website owners and users. It is very comfortable and time-saving when you can connect somebody filling some necessary data. But sometimes something can go wrong and it causes trouble with sending messages. This tutorial was created to tell you how to solve the “Failed to send your message” Contact Form 7 error. Hopefully, you find it very helpful. If it’s true, please, share it with your friends!

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