How to Replace Home Blog Page With Your Custom Page

From this tutorial you’ll learn how to replace home blog page with your custom page.

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How to Replace Home Blog Page
  1. First, enter WordPress Dashboard (Administration panel) using your username and password.
  2. Locate Pages tab in the left column and click on Add New sub menu to add a new page.
  3. Now fill in the page title and add content in the content field.
    You can also use different page editors such as Power Builder, Elementor or Visual Composer to add content.

  4. In the Page Attributes block select Home Page Template. Then click on Publish button.
  5. Navigate to Settings > Reading tab on the left of the Dashboard and change Your Latest Posts page to A Static Page.
  6. Now choose your page from the list of the pages in the Front Page dropdown menu. And don’t forget to select a page for your blog from the posts page dropdown list.replace home blog page
  7. Save the changes. Now you can visit your website’s new front page.
This tutorial is based on LifeisWild Wild Life WordPress theme.
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