How to Create Different Sidebars for Specific Page

Most of the WordPress pages and posts have a sidebar, however, sometimes we do not need the same sidebar with the same widgets on all the pages.
So it will be useful to learn how to assign specific sidebar with the needed widgets only to the certain page.
Today, we will learn how to do this trick!

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  1. Firstly, let’s create a Custom Sidebar. In order to do that, navigate to the Appearance > Widgets section of your Dashboard and click Create a new sidebar under the Cherry Custom Sidebars section. 
  2. Fill in the Sidebar name and Sidebar description options and click Create Sidebar after that. 
  3. Now, please, drag and drop needed widgets to this newly created area. Great, the first blow is half the battle.  All you need now is to open the required post or page and select your new custom sidebar on the right side, under the Post Sidebars box. Finally, save the changes. 

Thank you for your attention! Good luck!

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