How to Create FTP Account in GoDaddy Hosting Server

Today, we’ll tell you how to create FTP account in GoDaddy hosting server.

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Things You Need to Know Before Creating FTP Account in GoDaddy

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is basically used for for transferring files on a network between computers. With it, you can connect to FTP servers, view the contents of their directories and upload files from or to a server.
Using the FTP protocol, files and file folders are transferred on the Web. This means, a user can upload data to a hosting server without using a browser, as FTP is designed properly.
As for the FTP account, it contains info about the user who receives the FTP access right (username and password). Usually, ordering a hosting, such account is automatically created for a website owner. In a case, you need to give access to a site files for another person (for example, a coder), then another FTP account will be created.
What you truly need to know to before creating FTP account in GoDaddy or other hosting server are login, access password, and the FTP address of the chosen server. All these data are usually sent in a letter from the host.
There is also one benefit for data transfer. It’s FTP clients that facilitate greatly the work of users. During the connection of the PC to the server using FTP, data is transferred via the TCP port.

Steps to Create FTP Account in GoDaddy

The process of creating FTP accounts on a hosting depends on the pre-installed control panel. Still, regardless of whether it’s cPanel, ISP manager or Parallels Plesk, the process is very similar and simple even for beginners. You need to find the FTP accounts or FTP access section and manually create an FTP-user there with the given name and password.
To configure an FTP connection, set use the following parameters: FTP server (host) – domain name of the site, technical address (if the domain is not directed to the hosting site) or server IP address, port – 21, username – FTP login, password – password from FTP.
And, now, follow our step-by-step guide on how to create FTP account in GoDaddy hosting server.

  1. Let’s access GoDaddy hosting server. Navigate to your GoDaddy cPanel and open FTP Accounts menu.
  2. In the newly opened FTP Accounts window you need to fill in all the required fields to add a new FTP user account. Here you need to set the username, password.  Then define a directory to which the new FTP user will have access, and select the preferable quota for uploading. Then click on Create FTP Account button to create a new FTP user.Add FTP User
  3. In the field below you’ll be able to see the list of FTP users and change their permissions and uploading quota. You’ll also be able to delete the users.

How to Protect Your FTP Account?

FTP hacking most often occurs because of viruses on a user’s computer. These viruses can cause a loss of logins and passwords to gain access to your site. Therefore, every time you make downloads per FTP, be sure to check if your computer is free from any malicious programs. Otherwise, the consequences can be very unattractive.
A reliable way to protect your FTP account is to use SSH. Practically, SSH is a key that belongs to a service user. It allows you to encrypt information in the process of its transmission, and decrypt it on your server.
There is another option to secure your FTP database. With the .ftpaccess file, it’s possible to block FTP access for any directory on the server. To create such a file, make an ordinary ftpaccess.txt file on your personal computer, record IP addresses that can be accessed via FTP access in it. Then you need to rename it to .ftpaccess and fill it in the folder that will be blocked. That’s all.
For convenient workflow with FTP, special FTP clients are used. Among the most relevant and widely used are Filezilla, SmartFTP, Far Manager, Total Commander, AceFTP, and others.
We hope that our tips are helpful. Now, you know how to create FTP account in GoDaddy hosting server.

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