How to set up featured and special products

Today we will learn how to set up featured and special products.

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Within any business, there are always going to be times that you want to single out or highlight specific products to increase sales of those items.

Let’s learn how to make your product appear in the featured section on your website home page and how to set a special price for products.
In order to set up products as featured, you need to create a “Featured” collection with desired products or select an existing collection. In both cases, you will see the products in a featured section on the front page only after you add the needed collection to the Featured section in Customizer.

To set up the collection as featured and make it appear on homepage, please perform the following steps:

  • Log into your Shopify Admin panel and go to Online Store  Themes  Customize tab.

  • Open “Sections” tab and locate the “Featured products” section.
    featured and special products
  • Navigate to “Collections” and select the needed collection you want to set as a featured one.
    You can proceed with editing the selected collection by clicking on the “Edit collection” button.
    featured and special products
  • Save changes and refresh the page. The desired edits have been successfully implemented to the Featured products section on the Homepage.

Now we are going to learn how to make your product Special by setting a special price for it.

  • Navigate to the Products section, find needed product and open it for editing. Then find the Pricing tab.
  • Type the price you intend to charge your customers into Price field in figures. Do not type a currency symbol (the currency your store uses is set on the General Settings page).
    Next, type a higher price into a Compare at price field to show your customers that your current price is lower.
    featured and special products
  • Save the changes and refresh the website frontend. Your theme will automatically display the new price on your product page. Price from a Compare at price field will appear in a different styling (font or color) to indicate that you’re selling below the market or old price.

Now you’ve got the hang of how to set up featured and special products! Happy selling!

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