PrestaShop 1.6.x. How to manage “TM Newsletter” Module

This module allows adding a popup to the home page suggesting site visitors subscribe to your site newsletter.
  1. In your admin panel go to Modules and Services -> Modules and Services. In the Search field type “TM Newsletter”. Click the Configure button to manage it: 
  2. You can set the following options for registered users and additionally for guests:
    • Live mode – option to yes in order to enable newsletter popup;
    • Verification email –  enable/disable subscription verification;
    • Popup title – a newsletter popup title;
    • Popup message – a newsletter popup message;
    • Timeout for guests – the number of hours before the popup appears again for unregistered users;
    • Timeout for customers – the number of hours before the popup appears again for registered users;
    • First delay – time a user (a guest) should spend on the site to see a popup a first time.
  3. Confirm the action by pressing the Save button:
  4. To change the background image, access your site folder on the server via FTP or through hosting cPanel.
  5. Open themes/themeXXX/css/modules/tmnewsletter/views/css/front.css and locate this part of code:

    As you can see, the image used is secondtopimg.png and can be found in the themes/themeXXX/img folder:

  6. Upload your image to themes/themeXXX/img under the same file name:

    If you use the different file name, i.e. different name and file extension, you need to change it in front.css.
  7. To edit the default text go to Localization > Translations. For the Type of translation option choose Installed modules translations, for Select your theme – themeXXX (where XXX is your theme number), and choose the needed language to edit. Click on the Modify button: 
  8. using Ctrl+F find tmnewsletter module translation section and click on the translations quantity to see all the tabs: 

    • Replace the text in the fields with your own.
    • Confirm the action by pressing the Save button:
    • Refresh the site to see the updated newsletter popup.

It may be necessary to clear Smarty cache and browser cache to see the changes on the site.

Hopefully, this tutorial was helpful for you.